21 Days will change your life!

Kick-start or reboot your fitness routine with the 3R Training 21 Day Fitness Program. This 21 Day program is a great jumpstart to a more consistent workout regime. The program was designed to help you look and feel better in 21 days, using a combination of challenging workouts, fitness and nutrition information, and a group of like-minded people joining you on your journey.

The 21 day program includes:

  • Before and after progression pictures
  • Cardiovascular assessment at the start and the end of the program
  • Weekly nutritional guidance including a macro nutrient breakdown based on individual goals and body composition
  • 21 consecutive days of goal oriented 30 min workouts in small groups or semi-private setting
  • 3R Training Swag bag

Only $210 for the entire program


Benefits of the 21 Day Program:

  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Decrease body fat while increasing lean muscle mass
  • Increase knowledge about the weight loss process including the basics of nutrition tracking, proper water and calorie intake needed for weight loss, target heart training zones based on current fitness level
  • Learn how to develop and attain fitness goals
  • Meet new people with similar fitness goals
  • Experience how a small commitment (such as 30 min/day) can lead to multiple successes
  • Learn why adequate recovery periods should be part of every fitness program
  • See and feel the results with before and after pictures, body fat and circumference and a standardized cardiovascular assessment

Only $210 for the entire program

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